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Ghost Tours by the Book

Like to read scary stories? How about tracking the authors and the stories to their origins? Ghost Tours for Travelers Who Read….

Edgar Allan Poe

You can’t beat Edgar Allan Poe for scary stories. He invented the modern detective novel, but also thrilled with his eerie tales like my favorite, The Cask of Amontillado and Murder in the Rue Morgue, or the Tell Tale Heart.  Poe is associated with several cities-Baltimore where he is buried, Richmond, Boston, and Philadelphia. A New York City tour promises to introduce you to Poe’s haunts in that city with their “Edgar Allan Poe and His Ghostly Neighbors of Greenwich Village” walk around New York University Library, Washington Square Park and Poe’s former residence. They say that E.A. Poe is their most popular ghost. Continue reading Ghost Tours by the Book

Time Traveler Visits Paris’ Literary World

A shop for writers
A shop for writers, Paris

Destination: Paris (1937)

Book: Chasing Sylvia Beach (NEW June 2012) by Cynthia Morris

Hasn’t every lover of books and lover of Paris said, “What I would give to spend time in Paris during the pre-World War II days when all those famous writers gathered at Shakespeare and Company bookshop?” Continue reading Time Traveler Visits Paris’ Literary World