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Homegrown and Homemade in Maine

 Tasty Travel Thursday

Destination: Maine

Cookbook: Maine Classics: More than 150 Delicious Recipes from Down East  by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier

Article by Brette Sember

Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier are the owners and founders of Arrows restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. When the restaurant opened almost twenty-five years ago, it was hailed as a new approach to food: local, flavor-based, and creative. It’s now become a must-stop on any culinary journey through Maine. If you haven’t been lucky enough to travel there and pull up a chair at one of their tables, Gaier and Frasier have written a beautiful cookbook called

Maine Classics: More than 150 Delicious Recipes from Down East  that is almost as good as being there. Continue reading Homegrown and Homemade in Maine

Meet Brette Sember: Tasty Travel Tuesday

Brette Sember
Brette Sember

Two weeks ago, you met five new contributors to A Traveler’s Library. Today you meet a SIXTH.  Brette Sember will be joining us each month for a feature called Tasty Travel. Do you plan your trips around food? Do you find yourself talking about the food on the trip when you get home? Do you like to recreate the dishes you sampled? Then Tasty Travel is for you. We could not have a better person talking to us about food and travel.  The super-productive and energetic Brette is launching THREE cookbooks this year.  She has loads of other books to her credit, which you can learn about at her web site, linked above. AND she loves to travel.  But let’s talk directly to Brette and see what she has to say. Continue reading Meet Brette Sember: Tasty Travel Tuesday

Food, Glorious Food

Blood Bones and Butter by Hamilton coverDestination: New York City, Italy Book: Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, by Gabrielle Hamilton

A GUEST POST by Casey Barber

Note: Today a knowledgeable food writer tells us about a new memoir by a chef who is also a writer who travels through kitchens of New York, France, Greece, Turkey and Italy. Good for traveler’s to New York or those who want to know more about Italian cooking.


Even if you’ve never set foot in New York City restaurant, Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton‘s effortlessly charming and minuscule place on East 1st Street in Manhattan, the kind of place for which the adjective “jewel-box” was created–even if you’ve never sucked down a gin martini at its zinc bar or let a few drops of anchovy butter drip from a grilled head-on prawn onto the brown kraft-papered wobbly table, Hamilton will feed you a meaty tale via her memoir, Blood, Bones & Butter. It’s a journey through her physical worlds—the lamb feasts and cool Pennsylvania streams of her childhood, the not-yet-gentrified downtown alleys of Manhattan, the uneasy family trips to Italy, where years of tradition weigh a bit too heavy on a woman still wrestling with the idea of marriage —but also through the mind of someone who is fated to cook. Continue reading Food, Glorious Food