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Delicious Turkey–No, Not the Thanksgiving Treat

Turkish scene, from Book, Turkey
Turkish scene, from the book, Turkey, used by permission of the publisher

Tasty travel

by Brette Sember

Destination: Turkey

Book Cover of Turkey: More than 100 Recipes
Book: Turkey: More than 100 Recipes, With Tales from the Road by Leanne Kitchen

As our thoughts turn to cooking and eating Thanksgiving turkey this month, let me give you another kind of delicious turkey to think about: Turkey: More than 100 Recipes, with Tales from the Road by Leanne Kitchen, a beautiful collection of recipes, travelogues, and photographs that will bring the tastes of the country of Turkey to your home without you hopping on a plane to travel there yourself. Continue reading Delicious Turkey–No, Not the Thanksgiving Treat

Travel PhotoThursday: More Than Tea

When tea alone is not enough, La Bretesche
A little something extra with your tea

This yummy photo is my weekly contribution to Travel Photo Thursday. I could not resist posting this after last week’s coffee and tea photo of tea and coffee at Budget Traveller’s Sandbox on Travel Photo Thursday. Go to her home page and see who’s posting new photos today.

We were staying at the Chateau de la Bretesche Resort in Brittany in northwest France. After a long day of driving, we settled in and asked room service to deliver a pot of tea. Little did we know what came with the tea! Please see more about the fantastic resorts and restaurants in Brittany in my post for Girls Getaway, about three luxurious getaways.


I retain all rights for this photo, and request that you not reprint it. Thanks. Our stay at La Bretesche was compliments of the Relais and Chateaux resort. 





Salade Arizona? In Paris?

When I wrote my post on Ten Cheap(er) Places to Eat in Paris, I had been nudged a bit by a Blog Carnival through the Lonely Planet Blog Sherpa group.  Kat, who holds forth on food at Tie Dye Travels, is hosting this food around the world carnival, and I encourage you to take a look at the wide variety of offerings. Eat/Read your way through  Peru, Seoul, Ethiopia, Disneyland, Mexico City, China,Lebanon, Manila, Spain (very popular–four entries–including churros for breakfast), India, Malaysia and Indonesia. There are also two favorites of mine: The Story of Tea from Quillcards, and our friend Kerry Dexter, who keeps us supplied with music for the road trip writes about potato music ! GOT to read that one!

And in keeping with the food theme of the day…read on for the amazing history of apples in the amazing country of Kazakhstan.