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Travel Photos: The Alhambra Photos

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In keeping with SPAIN WEEK here at A Traveler’s Library, (see Monday and Wednesday’s reviews of books for travelers) I’m posting Alhambra photos from our travel to the absolutely most iconic Spanish tourism location–the Alhambra. You can read more about our literary inspiration for travel to the Alhambra, Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra, here.

Washington Irving's Room
Washington Irving’s Room at the Alhambra

Before you make plans to sleep overnight at The Alhambra–not gonna happen.  Tourists can only rarely get a glimpse inside the room, and you’ll need to book a hotel next door, or down the hill in town. Washington Irving’s room was in a private residence within the Alhambra that was a hosteleria in the 19th century.  The plaque over the door says, Washington Irving escribo en estas habitaciones sus Cuentos de la Alhambra en el año de 1829. In English translation: Washington Irving, wrote, in these rooms, his Tales of the Alhambra in the year 1829. Continue reading Travel Photos: The Alhambra Photos

How to Live in Seville


(Note: If you came here looking for Travel Photo Thursday, go here for pictures of the Alhambra.)

The Alcazar, Seville Spain
The Alcazar, Seville Spain

Destination: Seville, Spain

Book: Dancing in the Fountain, How to Enjoy Living Abroad (NEW August 2012) by Karen McCann

Note: I read this book in e-format. It is also available as a paperback.

Seville is dangerous. And I don’t mean in the way portrayed by Robert Wilson in his wonderful mysteries, because when it comes to crime, Seville is pretty tame. No, Seville is dangerous because if you visit there, you may not want to go home again.

This book reminded me of how much I loved Seville. Karen McCann and her husband Rich came from a home in Ohio. They traveled to many parts of the globe.  And when they got to Seville, it drew them back again and again until they finally settled in.  I could totally do that. Especially with the help of Dancing In The Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad, the book that Karen wrote about the things they learned in the process of becoming expats. Continue reading How to Live in Seville

Sleeping With Nuns

SPAIN WEEK at A Traveler’s Library

Destination: Spain

Book: Room With a Pew: Sleeping Our Way Through Spain’s Ancient Monasteries by Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt (NEW September 2012)

Before you book your hotel rooms for Spain, consider the surprises that Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt discovered sleeping in monasteries.

My only experience with cloistered nuns was also in Spain, but instead of sleeping in their cells, we ate their cookies.  When we were in Granada, we wandered down Carrera del Darro, which winds along the river, headed for the Archaeological Museum (highly recommended, by the way). Continue reading Sleeping With Nuns