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Plan Travel To See An American Art Icon: Dale Chihuly

Culture Travel Tuesday

By Jessica Voigts

Destination: Art Exhibits

Artist: Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Glasss Sculpture
Chihuly Glasss Sculpture “Citron Green and Red Tower” from the Meijer Gardens in Michigan, photograph by Jessie Voigts

You have probably seen glass artist Dale Chihuly’s work – now ubiquitous, it is seen at art museums and public places around the globe (click on these links to plan travel to museums and public places where you can see his work). He’s truly an American cultural icon – responsible for sparking an entire movement of teams creating art, based on the bold shapes and colors formed in glass. He took the solo artist Studio Glass movement and expanded it with the use of glassblowing teams. These teams are composed of artists from all around the world, using their combined vision to explore the boundaries of glassblowing in form, color, and creation. Continue reading Plan Travel To See An American Art Icon: Dale Chihuly

Bored By Museums? Not Meijer Gardens.

Culture Travel

Butterflies and Bloom
Butterflies and Bloom

Destination: Grand Rapids Michigan

Museum: Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

 By Jessica Voigts

When you hear “world-class museum,” do you sigh in anticipated boredom? Does the idea of yet another walk through a sculpture park make you want to head to the nearest café, instead? When museum or art fatigue sets in, you know it’s time to find a different way to explore the culture of a place. Continue reading Bored By Museums? Not Meijer Gardens.