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Nature Is Ready For Her Close Up

Travel Photo Thursday

I have to remind myself that the great sweeping panormas that I see as I travel may not translate into a good photograph. Tiny details, however, may capture a place very well. Continue reading Nature Is Ready For Her Close Up

Snow, Snow, Snow and more Snow

Travel Photo Thursday

Well, I actually had something else in mind, but in case you didn’t hear, we had a blizzard in Tucson yesterday, so I just had to post a few snow pictures.

From the GREAT Tucson Blizzard of 2013:

Here’s my Facebook status from yesterday afternoon:

Well, the great Tucson blizzard of ’13 is finally over. Thank GOD we had stocked up on bottled water and Pringles and instant cocoa. Because the snow fell for TWO HOURS! And it piled up to — well it actually didn’t pile up–it melted–but that white stuff kept falling down and it COULD have piled up to–an inch, at least. But the WORST part is–it is going to be at LEAST SIX DAYS before the temperature gets over the 60’s and back in the 70’s. I’m telling you–a lot of tans are going to suffer.

And here’s what it looked like. Continue reading Snow, Snow, Snow and more Snow