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A Drop in the Bucket

It’s history.
Passports With Purpose 2012 reached the goal of $100,000 for Water.org Thanks to all who participated.
Stay tuned for the announcement of prize winners–coming soon!

Haitians using water from the river. Photo from Water.org

Thinking About Water

Do these travel rituals sound familiar?

  • Pack a water bottle and fill it at a fountain at the airport–or buy a couple of bottles of water at one of a dozen airport stores.

If you didn’t have access to running water in your house, how far would you have to walk to get to a water source? (Remember the little girl in Harmattan? She spent much of her day walking back and forth to the river for water.)

  • Fill the bathtub at your hotel to hand-wash your clothes.

What would your day be like if you had to use 5 gallons of water or less? (I recall people visiting a desert area and complaining that the people’s clothes were dirty. Well, duh!) Continue reading A Drop in the Bucket

Morte dans Paris Left Bank

Paris Left Bank


Destination: Paris

Book: Murder in the Latin Quarter(2009) by Cara Black

You can win this book by leaving a comment below (see end of post).

I often think of Alfred Hitchcok and the MacGuffin when I read a mystery.  To Hitchcok, the core of a mystery was the MacGuffin, a physical object that eludes the key characters and drives their frantic actions. “The papers”, “the key”, “the gun”, even the Holy Grail might be the MacGuffin. Once found, the characters believe the MacGuffin will answer all questions–in other words–solve the mystery–but it may be a false lead. Continue reading Morte dans Paris Left Bank