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American Writer in Paris Tells All

Happy Bastille Day July 14


Book Cover: Paris Love You But

Destination: Paris

Book: Paris I love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down by Rosecrans Baldwin (New June 2013)



I might find it annoying to read a book about a guy from America who has always loved the idea of Paris, who gets a job in Paris and gets to live in the Marais and go to lots of parties with his wife and an interesting assortment of ex-pats and co-workers. He lives the dream of an American writer in Paris.  I might find it even more annoying if he pointed out that his life was not perfect. Continue reading American Writer in Paris Tells All

Culture Travel Tuesday Visits Yoopers (Upper Peninsula)

Culture Travel Tuesday

Book Cover: South of Superior
Destination: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Book: South of Superior by Ellen Airgood

Post by Jessica Voigts Continue reading Culture Travel Tuesday Visits Yoopers (Upper Peninsula)

Plan Travel to Lisbon

Want to track down the locales of a Portugal mystery so you can plan travel to Lisbon? Because so many readers were interested in the review of A Small Death in Lisbon, I am very happy to share some portions of the latest Pack A Book newsletter detailing locations discussed in that novel, and what they look like today. Pack a Book’s web site, published with both British and American versions, has lists of books for many, many countries. A later newsletter will feature reviews of the book from various sources–including A Traveler’s Library. Continue reading Plan Travel to Lisbon