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The Best Books About Spain

SPAIN WEEK at A Traveler’s Library

Since this is Spain Week at A Traveler’s Library, I thought I’d review some of the best books we have talked about at A Traveler’s Library for the traveler to Spain, in case you missed them the first time around. Continue reading The Best Books About Spain

Life in Ibiza Before the Road

Destination: Ibiza, Spain

Book: A Valley Wide (written in the 1960’s, published in 2008)written by Alexis Brown

Ibiza sounds so exotic.  I remember in the 60s and 70s how many times the Spanish island showed up in the news as a party place for film stars and other celebrities.  Then I heard about friends from Sweden who visited on their long summer vacations. Those lucky Europeans  are only a short plane ride away from such wonderful vacation spots but Americans, in general, have not discovered small wonders like Majorca or Ibiza. Continue reading Life in Ibiza Before the Road