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Indiana to India with Songwriter Carrie Newcomer

Musical Travel

By Kerry Dexter

Carrie Newcomer's album: Everything is Everywhere
Destination: India

Music: Everything is Everywhere by Carrie Newcomer.



Carrie Newcomer
Carrie Newcomer. Photo by Jim McGuire

Songwriter Carrie Newcomer was working on what would become her twelfth album, a gathering of songs on differing aspects of change called Before & After, when change came calling at her door. Newcomer has traveled widely with her music and was booking tour dates in support of the new album, but — India? That wasn’t in her plan. Continue reading Indiana to India with Songwriter Carrie Newcomer

Midwest Music for Monday

Music Monday

Ohio Woods
Ohio Woods

Destination: The Ohio Valley, and history

Music: Wilderness Plots, Rosehill Records performed by Tom Roznowski, Tim Grimm, Michael White, Krista Detor, Carrie Newcomer

Article by Kerry Dexter Continue reading Midwest Music for Monday