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Passports With Purpose Final Results

MORE WINNERS! Certainly everyone who contributed to Passports With Purpose is a Winner. The results are in, the winners have been contacted. I’m eager to share the names of the two lucky people who won

Front entrance of Hotel Monteleone
Photo courtesy of the hotel.

A) a Trip to New Orleans courtesy of the Monteleone Hotel:

Winner: Andrew J. Pfeifer.

Andrew recently returned from a stint in Mexico with the Peace Corps. So this win seems like a true example of Karma, doesn’t it? He says he’s been to New Orleans before, but is eager to return. Have a great time, Andrew!!

Interlink SpineLogo
Interlink Books

B) a Library worth $300 of International books from Interlink Books.

Winner: Liz Lavery

What a treat she has in store with her shopping spree at Interlink Books

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Interlink Books Joins Passports With Purpose


Interlink SpineLogo
Interlink Books

INTERLINK BOOKS In 2009, I gushed, “I am absolutely, deliriously infatuated with the publishing company called Interlink. With 616(now 732)  books  that are dedicated to World Travel listed on their web page, it seems that you can go anywhere, with any interest and they’ve got you covered. For years, I have been buying their Traveller’s History series for European countries I visit.”

And please note that World Travel is only one category, they publish a LOT more books than 732!

In 2010, I recommended their books on my Ten Perfect Gifts for Traveler’s Who Read list.

In 2011, Interlink first volunteered to contribute a gift certificate for books to Passports With Purpose.

And in 2012 they once again are contributing $300 worth of books particularly suitable for travelers.  You can learn all about Passports With Purpose and the prize in my announcement post. That’s where you find out how YOU can get a chance on $300 worth of books for only $10. Last year, this is what I said about Interlink (I toned it down a little, but I’m still gushing). Continue reading Interlink Books Joins Passports With Purpose

Beneath the Surface of Istanbul

A Guidebook Digression

Istanbul Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque, Istanbul . Photo used courtesy of Bob Ramsak, Piran Cafe

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

Book: Istanbul: A Cultural History (NEW January 2012) by Peter Clark

With this cultural history of Istanbul, the Interlink Books publishing company racks up twenty such guides to cities around the world, from Calcutta to San Francisco.  To see the entire list of Cultural Histories, or to purchase this book or the others in the series, go to the Interlink site. The next book in the series is on Afghanistan rather than a single city. (A few more are listed as Cultural and Literary Companions.) Continue reading Beneath the Surface of Istanbul