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Novel Tours Jane Austen’s England

Writing Jane Austen Cover

Destination: England

Book: Writing Jane Austen by Elizabeth Aston (NEW April, 2010)

For the Jane-obsessed, or for those just wondering what tourists are doing in Bath these days, Writing Jane Austen could be a handy tour guide. The author’s education and her long list of published Jane Austen sequels guarantees accurate descriptions of Palladian homes, country gardens and Edwardian clothing over tightly corseted figures. Disappointingly, it does not guarantee a fun romp through Austen land. Continue reading Novel Tours Jane Austen’s England

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen


Destination: England

Lady Vernon and Her Daughter: A Novel of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan

Book: Lady Vernon and her Daughter, by Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

Today we will be lured to England, with the reminder that today is the birthday of Miss Jane Austen.

What would Jane think? say? do? has much occupied the minds of a mother and daughter, who, when not searching for the perfect husband (comely, wealthy, and amusing) for the latter, have been enlarging upon a short piece of fiction left unfinished by Miss Austen. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Jane Austen

Travel Library Short Passage

Robert Louis Stevenson

The works of Robert Louis Stevenson will soon be on line. Why should we travelers care? Because Stevenson penned not only the well known Treasure Island, from which all pirate novels spring, but, as Katherine Ryder says, he was a travel writer and champion of leisure. She suggests we read An Apology for Idlers. Thanks, World Hum for leading me to this item in the New Yorker.

Jane Austen

Granted, Jane Austen is a good read if you are headed to England, but you might not want to pay this much. For one book in your traveler’s library?