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Interview: Mike Gerrard, Part Two

Destination: Everywhere

Book: Snakes Alive by Mike Gerrard (NEW 2011)

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama, Photo by Donna Dailey

Yesterday we talked with travel writer Mike Gerrard, author of the new book of travel essays, Snakes Alive, ¬†about his writing and his favorite countries. Here’s some more of the conversation with travel writer Mike Gerrard.

ATL: Where do you want to go that you have never been to?

MG: Cuba is top of the list. I’d love to spend some time traveling in Australia too. Continue reading Interview: Mike Gerrard, Part Two

Author Interview: Mike Gerrard Travels


Doorway in Nicaragua, photo by Donna Dailey, wife of Mike Gerrard

Destination: Everywhere

Book: Snakes Alive, by Mike Gerrard NEW 2011

I’m trying to figure out if my favorite bit is Loo With a View in York, a potty tour story, or Custard’s Last Stand, its punny title about England desserts–not Western deserts. I share Mike’s enthusiasm for Greece, so of course I liked those articles, but also learned about a country that “doesn’t exist.” The book is a veritable treasure chest. Continue reading Author Interview: Mike Gerrard Travels