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The Lake Culture: Up North

Culture Travel Tuesday

Lake at twilight

Destination: Michigan

By Jessica Voigts

(Note from VMB: World wide, I have spotted places where people go to get away.  In Russia, it is dachas in birch tree woods or near water; in Sweden we visited a summer home made from a farmer’s outbuilding, which turns out to be a popular way to craft a rural cabin; in Italy, people flee to the rows of beach chairs lined up along stretches of sea; in Arizona, we flee to San Diego beaches or northern Arizona cabins; and in the midwestern and eastern United States, particularly, there’s the Lake Culture.  As we say farewell to summer, Jessica Voigts brings us a view of the Lake Culture in Michigan.) Continue reading The Lake Culture: Up North

Love in a Nutshell

Destination: Michigan, near Traverse City 

Audio Book: Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Put the mystery writer Janet Evanovich together with romance writer Dorien Kelly and this is what you get–perhaps not the best of either of them, but Love in a Nutshell is an enjoyable light-hearted romance loosely plotted around some amateur sleuthing. Continue reading Love in a Nutshell

A Walk Around the Lake

Walk on the Beach cover
Book Cover




Destination: Lake Michigan

Book: A Walk on the Beach: One Woman’s Trek of the Perimeter of Lake Michigan, (NEW 5/2011) by Loreen Niewenhuis.

Just a little lakeside stroll–a stroll on steroids.  Loreen Niewenhuis‘ stroll, detailed in the travel memoir A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach, took six months to complete because although she walked a total of 64 days,  she took a few breaks along the way.

When I review a travel book I try to focus on that book alone.  But as I read about the 1000-mile walk (taken in segments) I could not help comparing it to the continuous five-year, 14,000 mile walk of Polly Letofsky. At the Tucson Festival of Books, I heard Letofsky talk about her book, 3 MPH, so that longer walk was fresh in my mind. Continue reading A Walk Around the Lake