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Plan Travel to Lisbon

Want to track down the locales of a Portugal mystery so you can plan travel to Lisbon? Because so many readers were interested in the review of A Small Death in Lisbon, I am very happy to share some portions of the latest Pack A Book newsletter detailing locations discussed in that novel, and what they look like today. Pack a Book’s web site, published with both British and American versions, has lists of books for many, many countries. A later newsletter will feature reviews of the book from various sources–including A Traveler’s Library. Continue reading Plan Travel to Lisbon

Joyeux Bastille Day

Carousel at Tuilieries
Carousel at Tuilieries

Double Celebration today. This post on a Paris book and an Announcement. TA-DA! I am launching a photo e-book  on Barnes and Noble for your Nook.  I have expanded and converted my blog post called Ten Places to Eat Cheap(er) in Paris into an e-book. Check it out. (And if you read it, how about giving a review and rating?) Thanks.

Destination: Paris

Book: Paris Was Ours: Thirty-two Writers Reflect on the City of Light,  Edited by Penelope Rowlands. (NEW February, 2011) Continue reading Joyeux Bastille Day

Book Shopping in Paris

Destination: France BOOKSTORES

Booksellers along the Seine
Booksellers along the Seine

A tip of the hat to Trazzler, who inspired this post. Trazzler lists short posts about beautiful bookstores around the world, including Paris. (UPDATE: Actually the page is gone, but you can do a search on Trazzler for beautiful bookstores and find them individually.)

Do take a look because the collection had me going WOW! or OMG! as I visited fantastic bookstores around the world. Continue reading Book Shopping in Paris