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Book Shopping in Paris

Destination: France BOOKSTORES

Booksellers along the Seine
Booksellers along the Seine

A tip of the hat to Trazzler, who inspired this post. Trazzler lists short posts about beautiful bookstores around the world, including Paris. (UPDATE: Actually the page is gone, but you can do a search on Trazzler for beautiful bookstores and find them individually.)

Do take a look because the collection had me going WOW! or OMG! as I visited fantastic bookstores around the world. Continue reading Book Shopping in Paris

France on Friday: Paris Walks

Paris from the Heart Unboxed
Paris from the Heart Unboxed


NOTICE: I will give this collection (which is priced at $45.00) to one reader chosen at random from those who comment on this post. American Resident, Over 18. (By  Friday April 8)


Destination: Paris, France

Book: Paris from the Heart: Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion and Freedom (November 2010) by Jan Dolphin Continue reading France on Friday: Paris Walks

Back to Paris With a French Movie

Avenue Montaigne Poster

Destination: Paris

Movie: Avenue Montaigne (2007)

Why do I view so many French movies? So I can see their settings, of course.

While Ken and I took a bus tour that traveled down the Champs Elysee of Paris, we did not take the walk suggested in Paris Movie Walks, (Pg. 72) that traverses the fashionable and beautiful Avenue Montaigne, so it was fun to see this new “corner” of Paris.  The movie’s exterior scenes are confined to this street, and the Théâtre des Champs Elysee. Continue reading Back to Paris With a French Movie