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Osiyo–Celebrating Literacy and American Indians

Literacy. The magic key that unlocks worlds of knowledge and communication. It’s what allows us to read what was written hundreds of years ago, and to read what bloggers are writing today. We are celebrating National Native American Heritage Month and National Family Literacy Month today at A Traveler’s Library.

When Ken and I travel to a new country, we always try to learn at least a few words in the language of that country.  So while I am a complete klutz when it comes to learning languages, I can say Hello and thank you and sometimes please in many languages. Continue reading Osiyo–Celebrating Literacy and American Indians

The Camel Bookmobile Drive

When I want to consult a guidebook for travel, find an audio book to accompany me on the road, or research a book to discuss here, I just fire up the computer, request that the book be held at my nearest public library, and stop off on my way to the grocery store to pick up my free book. Continue reading The Camel Bookmobile Drive