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Visit Ystad Sweden with Wallander

Destination: Sweden

TV Series: Wallander with Kenneth Branagh  ( BBC and PBS)

Guest Post by Melanie McMinn


Melanie McMinn
Melanie McMinn

Melanie McMinn, an American ex-pat writer and artist living in New Zealand, actually takes time off from raising bees, creating creatures of felted wool, cooking, remodeling, and making all sorts of other things including a blog called Frugal Kiwi–which was named one of the five best blogs of Australia/New Zealand in last year’s Bloggies–(pant! pant! she’s wearing me out)– to watch television.  When I mentioned that I was doing a series of mysteries here at A Traveler’s Library, she jumped at the opportunity to talk about her favorite. She watches [amazon_link id=”B001VLBDB2″ target=”_blank” ]Wallander[/amazon_link] on BBC, but Americans have seen two series of the show on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery Theater (2009 and 2010), and are hoping the next three will appear soon. Continue reading Visit Ystad Sweden with Wallander

What’s New at ATL

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White tiger licking her paw

I’ve been sprucing up some of the things you may not notice at A Traveler’s Library.(If you receive this via e-mail, click through to A Traveler’s Library to see the additions and make a comment.)

Google + The newest new thing on the Internet, and I love it.  You can link to me and learn about my travels that I don’t cover on the blog. If you need an invitation to join Google +, just let me know at vmb@atravelerslibrary.com Continue reading What’s New at ATL

10 Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read (2010)

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AND, this is embarrassing, but the most perfect gift for travelers who read somehow got left off the list. So here it is:

Book Lust to Go: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds, and Dreamers
by Nancy Pearl

In case you are not one of those glued to NPR when Nancy Pearl talks about books…in case you don’t yet own your own Nancy Pearl action figure…read my review of Book Lust To Go. And then put it on the gift list for every traveler who reads.

Continue reading 10 Perfect Gifts for Travelers Who Read (2010)