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Road Trip to Historic Louisiana

The Great American Road Trip

Carnival Masks

Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana (1817)

Books: A Free Man of Color by Barbara Hambly (1997)

New Orleans Noir, edited by Julie Smith (2007)

People of color could be classified in a dozen ways like mulatto, griffe, octoroon, musterfino and more. But whites were classified, also. Besides the Spanish, there were the Creoles–French who had settled in New Orleans, frequently coming up from Caribbean islands. Continue reading Road Trip to Historic Louisiana

Dreaming of New Orleans

New Orleans Mardi Gras figure at workshop.
New Orleans Mardi Gras figure at workshop.

Four years ago we had a personal family crisis that took us to the far northwest of our country. But while we were there dealing with our own problems, we had one ear on the radio and television, watching the path of a hurricane called Katrina, as she made her way into the Gulf of Mexico. It can’t hit New Orleans, we thought. It must not hit New Orleans. Continue reading Dreaming of New Orleans