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Travel to Egypt Changes Lives

The French House, Luxor (1890)
The French House, Luxor (1890)

Destination: Egypt

Book: The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger (Org. publ. 2009; NEW U. S. paperback edition)

A tour of the Nile River to Luxor sounds pretty exotic even in the 21st century.  But just imagine the adventure and hardship of such travel in the 19th century.  The historical travel novel [amazon_link id=”B00509CPW2″ target=”_blank” ]The Mistress of Nothing[/amazon_link] lets us see vividly what life is like for the maid of a prominent English woman when they live in Egypt from 1862 to 1864. Continue reading Travel to Egypt Changes Lives

Agatha Christie Inspires Travel to Egypt


Temple of Hatshepsut from above

Book:  Death Comes at the End by Agatha Christie

A GUEST POST by Dr. Benedict Davies

As the regulars at A Traveler’s Library know, I love historical travel. Dr. Davies, who shares his love of Egypt here, has a great new company that provides audio guides to historic sites. See an announcement from Iconic Guides at the end of the article. Now here is Ben Davies: Continue reading Agatha Christie Inspires Travel to Egypt