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10 Plus Scary Reads for Halloween

Every Childs Nightmare

Scary Reads?  Not all of the mystery novels I have reviewed are about a place as creepy as Cora Harrison’s Burren of Ireland ()or Martin Cruz Smith’s  Wolves Eat Dogs (♥♥♥♥). I’m wrapping up the two weeks of scary things and mystery novels with a list of some of the reader-preferred mysteries, with hearts to denote how fast they’ll make your heart beat. Continue reading 10 Plus Scary Reads for Halloween

Chernobyl in Your Travel Plans?

Chernobyl: Wolves Eat Dogs
Destination: Russia

Book: Wolves Eat Dogs, an Arkady Renko Novel by Martin Cruz Smith (2004)

Here is a fitting horror story for Halloween in the 21st century. Death by radiation poisoning. Life in a dead zone.

Martin Cruz Smith
Martin Cruz Smith

When we were fortunate enough to meet Martin Cruz Smith last March, and accompany him around Tucson during the Tucson Festival of Books, I asked him many questions, and he entertained me with honest and illuminating and some very very funny anecdotes and opinions. Continue reading Chernobyl in Your Travel Plans?

Book Lovers Flood Tucson

Tucson Festival of Books on University of Arizona Campus
Tucson Festival of Books main drag

Destination: Tucson, Arizona

Event: Tucson Festival of Books, 2011

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The Tucson Festival of Books has grown rapidly in its three years. Organizers say there were 100,000 people there in March 2011, and I think that is true. Continue reading Book Lovers Flood Tucson