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The Railroad to Copper Canyon

Sierra Challenge about Copper Canyon RR
Destination: Mexico’s Barranco del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

Book: Sierra Challenge: The Construction of the Chihuahua Pacifico Railroad, compiled and edited by Don Burgess

I live so near Mexico, and have explored so little of it.  The most spectacular scenery, hands down, is to be found in Copper Canyon/Barranco del Cobre, a maze of canyons that is so much deeper, wider and rougher than the Grand Canyon that it boggles the imagination.  Sierra Challenge documents the building of the Chihuahua al Pacifico (known as El Chepe) railroad that takes tourists through that rough territory to get a view at the spectacular scenery. Continue reading The Railroad to Copper Canyon

The Truth About the Mayan End of Time

Tikal in Guatemala. This fine photo is not from the book discussed here. It is used with Creative Commons license and is linked to the photographer’s page on Flickr.com

Destinations: Guatamala, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico

Book: Royal Cities of the Ancient Maya , text by Michael D. Coe and Photographs by Barry Brukoff (NEW October 2012)

Is the end of the world near? According to some, we only have one month left. Continue reading The Truth About the Mayan End of Time

Diez y Seis, Mexican Independence Day


Destination: Mexico and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands

CD: Cada Niño Artist: Tish Hinojosa

Article by Kerry Dexter

Mexican Independence Celebration Diez y Seis, the Sixteenth day of September, is celebrated as a holiday across Mexicoand in Mexican communities across the border and across the world. On that day in 1810, on the church steps in the town of Dolores Hidalgo, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla read out a proclamation which marked the beginning of Mexico’s war of independence from Spain. Continue reading Diez y Seis, Mexican Independence Day