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France on Friday: Paris Walks

Paris from the Heart Unboxed
Paris from the Heart Unboxed


NOTICE: I will give this collection (which is priced at $45.00) to one reader chosen at random from those who comment on this post. American Resident, Over 18. (By  Friday April 8)


Destination: Paris, France

Book: Paris from the Heart: Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion and Freedom (November 2010) by Jan Dolphin Continue reading France on Friday: Paris Walks

Tour Montmartre!

Since there have been so many entries to the Bastille Day Contest, I’m adding two more prizes. (Please follow the link to the Bastille Day Contest to see other prizes and rules).

Un grand prix et un petit prix.



Michael Schürmann, author of Paris Movie Walks, and his wife Marlys will offer a free walking tour of Montmartre for anyone who will be in Paris during the coming twelve months. Michael and Marlys live in the neighborhood, and so did Amelie! (Please mention in the comments if you are interested in this prize.) To get a flavor for what you will see, buy  Michael’s book, Paris Movie Walks: Ten Guided Tours Through the City of Lights! Camera! Action!
Two to three hours in duration and worth 60 Euros (Today that is $75.50 U.S.)


I usually do not put used books (purchased used) in a Giveaway, but this one is in near pristine condition, and someone is going to enjoy it. Failing Paris is a quirky and rather sad little book about a young woman spending a short time in Paris. Paperback published in 2003. (Originally published in England in 1999.)