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Music for a Fine Winter’s Night

Music Travel

Destination: Winter Album cover: A Fine Winter's Night Music: Fine Winter’s Night by Matt and Shannon Heaton

By Kerry Dexter

In her work as a professional musician and before that, as the daughter of writers whose work took them to different parts of the world, Shannon Heatonhas traveled and lived in locations from Africa to Chicago, from Boulder, Colorado to County Clare in Ireland, from Thailand to Germany to her current base in the Boston area. One thing she learned through all that is that the cold days of winter are not her favorite times of year. Continue reading Music for a Fine Winter’s Night

Too SCARED To Read These for Halloween?

If you are not ready for Halloween, yet, it is certainly not the fault of A Traveler’s Library.  We’ve conspired to give you all the ghoulish and ghostly ideas you could possibly use. We’ve done everything but make your costume for you, and you might get some ideas from the photos. Continue reading Too SCARED To Read These for Halloween?

Midwest Music for Monday

Music Monday

Ohio Woods
Ohio Woods

Destination: The Ohio Valley, and history

Music: Wilderness Plots, Rosehill Records performed by Tom Roznowski, Tim Grimm, Michael White, Krista Detor, Carrie Newcomer

Article by Kerry Dexter Continue reading Midwest Music for Monday