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When Do You Stop Being a Mother?

Destination: Suburban Philadelphia and rural New Jersey

Book: Come Home (NEW 2012) by Lisa Scottoline (Review copy listened to on audio book by MacMillanAudio)

Jill Farrow, suburban mom and heroine of  Come Home, needs to work on her impulse control. On the other hand, if she stopped and thought about it before jumping in a car to chase a bad guy, this would be a pretty boring book, so I can forgive the author, who definitely knows her way around a suspenseful plot. Lisa Scottoline has produced eighteen award-and-reader-winning mystery novels. Judging by this book, Scottoline has a great sense of humor, has learned a thing or two about complex family relationships, and loves animals. Continue reading When Do You Stop Being a Mother?

Pet Travel Book Club Goes to the Meadowlands

Pet Travel Book Club

Book: Dog Walks Man: A Six Legged Adventure

Where: The Meadowlands, New Jersey

Review by Edie Jarolim



Meadowlands New Jersey
Meadowlands New Jersey

Brooklyn was never known for its rural landscapes — though there are many of them, if you know where to look — but when I was growing up there I knew of a place that made my hometown seem pristine: The Meadowlands. The vast, swampy section of northwest New Jersey, a wasteland that you could see from Manhattan, had a reputation as a dumping ground for everything from toxic chemicals and refrigerators to — we believed — dead bodies, possibly even that of teamster Jimmy Hoffa. Continue reading Pet Travel Book Club Goes to the Meadowlands

Prize Winning Novel: New Jersey Plus Road Trip

Great American Road Trip

Happy July 4th
July 4th/Independence Day

Destination: New Jersey, (plus a little of Connecticut and Cooperstown, New York.)

Book: Independence Day (1995) by Richard Ford. This Book won PULITZER Prize for Literature AND Pen-Faulkner Fiction Prize.

Let’s hope that Richard Ford is not reading this.  Continue reading Prize Winning Novel: New Jersey Plus Road Trip