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Travel Photos–Hotel Monteleone

In a departure from regular Travel Photo Thursday, not all of these photos are mine. I am mixing my own photos of New Orleans with some photos of my favorite hotel, supplied by Hotel Monteleone.

Front entrance of Hotel Monteleone
This photo is used courtesy of Hotel Monteleone

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the Hotel Monteleone has graciously offered a New Orleans getaway as a prize in the Passports With Purpose fund raiser this year. This is there FOURTH year of support for Passports With Purpose. My terrific friends at Monteleone even sweetened the pot by including breakfast and dinner at their new restaurant, Cirillo. Continue reading Travel Photos–Hotel Monteleone

Ghostly Tour Guide to New Orleans

Ghost Carriage Tour, New Orleans, Louisiana
Carriage ride through the French Quarter heading to Pat O’Briens where the author meet a gentleman ghost while discussing the Saints game. Photo by Kala Ambrose

Destination: New Orleans

Book: Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends, and Cities of the Dead (New August, 2012) by Kala Ambrose


Read this guide book to New Orleans, when you’re in a Halloween mood.  Spirits of New Orleans, your guide to all things spooky and unworldly is Kala Ambrose, a psychic and medium. Since Ambrose introduces you to some, shall we say, former residents of New Orleans–now in spectral form– some readers may have to call upon suspension of disbelief. Continue reading Ghostly Tour Guide to New Orleans

Travel Photo Thursday: Cupcakes

Time is running out for Passports With Purpose.

My favorite New Orleans hotel stepped up for the third year in a row and offered a 3-night stay in the family-owned, French Quarter Hotel Monteleone for Passports With Purpose. Now, if you hang around Passports With Purpose very much, you know that cupcakes are a recurring theme. The four Seattle travel bloggers who thought up the innovative fund raiser (this year raising money to build two libraries in Zambia) purportedly do all their planning over cupcakes. How appropriate then, that my photos from my last stay at Hotel Monteleone (in 2009) coincided with a celebration that involved cupcakes.

Which cupcake do you want?
Which cupcake do you want?

Continue reading Travel Photo Thursday: Cupcakes