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Road Trip: Ranching in Oregon

The Great American Road Trip

Heart of the Beast book cover
Book Cover:Heart of the Beast

Destination: Oregon

Check Music Road for music to take along on your road trip to Oregon. (Appropriately enough, one pick is Joni Harms, a farmer/rancher.) And while you are there, take a look around. Kerry Dexter’s blog has been chosen as one of the 5 best music blogs on the Internet. You can thank her for providing us with road tunes by voting for Music Road to be top blog. Go ahead. We’ll wait for you to come back and read..

Book: The Heart of the Beast (2002) by Joyce Weatherford

In this novel, first timer Joyce Weatherford definitely follows the advice “write what you know.”   I advocate writing about things you DON’T know in non fiction, but the mantra works in fiction. With Heart of the Beast: A Novel , we certainly get an insiders’ view from a writer who grew up on a ranch. Continue reading Road Trip: Ranching in Oregon