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Travel Photo Thursday: Honfleur

Honfleur Harbor
Honfleur Harbor, Normandy, France

Unfortunately, we only had one night in Honfleur, the lovely little Norman seaside town that attracts summer vacationers by the droves. It was no longer summer when we arrived, and the chilly wind sent us scurrying off the street and bending over a huge black pot of moules for dinner at a seaside restaurant. The next morning, the wind calmed and the sun blazed as we took an hour quickly exploring the fascinating, ancient downtown clustered around this picturesque harbor. It is easy to see how the Impressionists came up with the idea of painting with dots of light when you watch the sun sparkle on the water. And the Impressionists flocked here during their heydey. Just one more reason to visit Honfleur.

I missed posting a photo last week, because we were launching the introductions and first offerings of our new team of experts. If you missed it,  take your pick of an expert on music travel, cultural travel, movie travel, pet travel or family travel.

And, alas, no one came up with the definitive answer on the what- is-this photo of two weeks ago, although there were some pretty good guesses.  Please pass this on to anyone who might know. I’m SO curious.

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5 Things About France

Having published 600 posts, now, once in a while I start wondering if perhaps the readers of today’s blog post may have missed something from the past that I think they might like. So I’m going to do a little reviewing from time to time. Starting with 5 things I learned about 5 different parts of France.

Occupied France: Suite Francaise

“Némirovsky is able to stand apart and describe not just the people who rise to the situation, but those who petulantly insist on retaining their privileges, or find ways to cheat and steal from others for their own benefit.” Continue reading 5 Things About France

Remembering Veterans of Normandy

I gazed out at the waves breaking on the narrow beach and behind me at the looming cliffs above on a cloudy, cool September day and I knew how the young men felt on that terrible day in June 1944. Seeing the shoreline only yielded an intellectual understanding of the lay of the land and water. Across the road another experience hit me. Continue reading Remembering Veterans of Normandy