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Copenhagen Pub Crawl, a la Joyce’s Ulysses

Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Book: Kerrigan in Copenhagen, A Love Story by Thomas E. Kennedy, (New release in June 2013, original release 2002)

Copenhagen Tivoli
Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens. Photo by Bill and Kent

Are you thinking of booking travel to Copenhagen? Besides the Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid statue, what will you see? If you fancy a pub crawl through the literary and musical history of Copenhagen, then Kerrigan in Copenhagen: A Love Story can be your guide. And this handy map of Copenhagen can help you follow Kerrigan or plan your own trip. Continue reading Copenhagen Pub Crawl, a la Joyce’s Ulysses

A Boy’s Life in Fez Morocco

Fez Morocco doorway
Fez doorway, Photo from Flickr.

Destination: Fez, Morocco

Book: The Bottom of the Jar by Abdellatif Laâbi (In French 2002, Archipelago Books English Edition, 2013) Translated by Andre Naffis-Sahely

Do you want to read about exotic differences between a Western, Christian culture, and a north-African Muslim culture?  You will find some of that in the description of Fez, Morocco in The Bottom of the Jar. But you will also learn how similar people are across continents, religions and even decades. Continue reading A Boy’s Life in Fez Morocco

How Buddha Came to Brooklyn

Japan mountain scene
Japan mountain scene

Destinations: Japan and Brooklyn, New York

 Book:  Buddhaland Brooklyn by Richard C. Morais (NEW July, 212)

This new novel, like meditation, encourages calm thoughts and some new insights into oneself and one’s culture. But it brings  some laughs, too.

I gravitate to books that bring a culture to life, and since I’ve never been to Japan, I appreciated the subtle ways that Richard Morais introduces the Japanese mindset in Buddhaland Brooklyn: A Novel. What we are used to, we assume, is “right” so we have no trouble reading about the culture of Japan–as Americans, comparing it to our own American culture. Continue reading How Buddha Came to Brooklyn