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Finding Sicily in Books

Castle of Erice, Sicily
Castle of Erice, Sicily, Photograph by John Keahey

Sicily Week at A Traveler’s Library

Destination: Sicily

Book: Seeking Sicily (NEW November 2011) by John Keahey

John Keahey‘s effort to understand Sicily starts with a book, (But of course!) and continues with repeated travels and extended stays in Sicily. His wander lust, he tells us, was born even earlier, in a Carnegie Library. Clearly we are going to like this guy! Continue reading Finding Sicily in Books

Eat, Eat, Eat. It’s Sicily.

Destination: Sicily

Book: Eat Smart in Sicily, (2008) by Joan Peterson and Marcella Croce

A GUEST POST by Jessica Voigts

People who love to learn will adore this travel guide. Eat Smart in Sicily is filled with history, culture, language, food, markets, recipes (!), photos and more. Continue reading Eat, Eat, Eat. It’s Sicily.