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10 Great Websites to Inspire You to Travel With Your Pet

Golden Retriever is ready for a road trip
Honey is always ready for a road trip.

When I dine with Honey, my Golden Retriever, at an outdoor cafe or walk her through a beach town, strangers come up to us asking the same thing. “Can I pet her? I had to leave my dog at home this vacation.”

I bite my tongue. But I want to ask, “Why didn’t you bring your dog along? Continue reading 10 Great Websites to Inspire You to Travel With Your Pet

Longest Dog Walk Ever: The Appalachian Trail

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: The Appalachian Trail, Northeast United States Book: The Things You Find on the Appalachian Trail: A Memoir of Discovery, Endurance and a Lazy Dog (2010) by Kevin Runolfson

By Pamela Douglas Webster

Appalachian Trail Sign
Appalachian Trail Sign

In 2001, Kevin Runolfson took his dog for a walk. He finished it six months later, with his new girlfriend, after traveling more than 2100 miles through 14 states. Continue reading Longest Dog Walk Ever: The Appalachian Trail

Driving By Moonlight

Pet Travel Thursday

Destination: Continental U.S.

Book: Driving by Moonlight: A Journey Through Love, War, and Infertility (2003) by Kristin Henderson

By Pamela Douglas Webster

[NOTE: See Pamela’s thoughts about a pet as a substitute for a child as she discusses this book at Something Wagging This Way Comes.]

Need to clear your head? Take a drive.

But when the thoughts raging around your mind include pacifism versus revenge, the state of your marriage, the sorrow of infertility, and the nature of God? Then you better take a loooong drive. In Kristin Henderson’s case, the drive was across the continental United States and back again. Continue reading Driving By Moonlight