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Historic USA in 8000 Picture Books

Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park, Tucson

Destination: USA

Books: Series by Arcadia Publishing (1993-present)

Bookstores can provide a window into a community when you travel. In San Diego I wandered in to a large downtown bookstore in search of a section on local authors. Instead I found shelves of Arcadia books. There were books about the railroads, books about the fishing industry, books about the Chinese immigrants, books about baseball–you name your interest and there was a book about San Diego for that subject. Continue reading Historic USA in 8000 Picture Books

How To: Make a Photo Book

Destination: Wherever you roam

Book: Create Your Own Photo Book: Design a Stunning Portfolio, Make a Bookstore-Quality Book (NEW 2012) by Petra Vogt

You travel. You take pictures. You come home. What happens to the photographs? Continue reading How To: Make a Photo Book