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Choose Your Western Adventure

Family Travel Friday

Wyoming scenery, Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Close

Destination: The American West

Children’s Book:Westward Expansion – An Interactive History Adventure  by Allison Lassieur

Review by Jennifer Close

(Like Matinee Wednesday, when Jane Boursaw talked about Western Films, Jennifer is bringing us a book related to the Western Road Trip currently running at A Traveler’s Library.We’ve visited Northern Arizona, Nevada, and North Dakota. Next week we’ll be in southern Arizona and New Mexico.)

When I was younger some of my favorite books to read were those books in which you chose your own reading path. The reader chooses which direction to take by answering questions and following the directions at the bottom of the page. The choices determines what happens to the character. I would spend hours reading the books over and over, each time choosing a different path to take. Continue reading Choose Your Western Adventure