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President’s Day

Next Monday on President’s Day, we combine the celebrations for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and throw in the rest of the Presidents as well.  Let’s see what reading and travel opportunities President’s Day holds for readers, music lovers, cooks and travelers.

George Washington
George Washington

Presidents in National Parks

Last year I shared a list of six interesting connections between U. S. Presidents and National Parks.  The company that provides lodging at many of those parks, Xanterra, came out with a new list this year, if you’d like expanded choices.

President Lincoln and Civil War Days

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6 Presidents with Surprising Connections to U. S. National Parks

Destination: U. S. National Parks

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

With Presidents’ Day coming up next Monday, I was  interested when I received a press release about various U.S. Presidents and their connections to National Parks. I thank Xanterra, the lodging company, for giving me this idea, and for supplying some of the information.

The President responsible for starting the ball rolling, never visited. The President who loved the west found ways to protect it. One President was a park ranger, one experienced a national park when he did a TV show.  Read about Six Presidents and the National Parks. Continue reading 6 Presidents with Surprising Connections to U. S. National Parks