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Alys Always

A WEEK of Books About Writing and Publishing

Note: On Monday, I talked about All Men Are Liars, whose characters are all in the writing and publishing business. Today’s book, in a different time and a different place also centers on the business of writing. It just happens that three books landed on my reading pile that deal quite prominently with writing, reading, and publishing. So it seemed logical to group them together this week.

Destination: England

Book: Alys Always (New in the U.S. June 2012) by Harriet Lane
The woods on Horsenden HillAlthough there is nothing supernatural going on, I think it is fair to say that a dead woman dominates this novel. Continue reading Alys Always

Dark Mystery in Joyous Sevilla

The Blind Man of Seville Destination: Seville, Spain

Book: The Blind Man of Seville by Robert Wilson (2003)

Seville Plaza de Espana
Seville Plaza de Espana

How can such a distressing and dark mystery novel keep propelling me through its pages? Partly because it is set in the city of Seville, known for its joyous celebration of life. Robert Wilson captures the spirit of Seville throughout The Blind Man of Seville. Perhaps his best depiction comes in his description of Feria de Abril: Continue reading Dark Mystery in Joyous Sevilla