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Third Birthday January Giveaway

CONTEST OVER (TODAY, you have a chance to win a copy of Lonely Planet’s Great Journeys, a beautiful book. See more at end of this post.)
Macarons Gregory Renard à la Tour EiffelBring on the cake! Okay, I could settle for macarons in the shadow of the Eiffel tower. Continue reading Third Birthday January Giveaway

What’s New at ATL

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White tiger licking her paw

I’ve been sprucing up some of the things you may not notice at A Traveler’s Library.(If you receive this via e-mail, click through to A Traveler’s Library to see the additions and make a comment.)

Google + The newest new thing on the Internet, and I love it.  You can link to me and learn about my travels that I don’t cover on the blog. If you need an invitation to join Google +, just let me know at vmb@atravelerslibrary.com Continue reading What’s New at ATL

7 Tips for Travel to Santa Fe Indian Market

Storm clouds at end of day, Indian Market
Storm clouds at end of day, Indian Market

Destination: Santa Fe Indian Market

Held the third weekend in August every year, the Santa Fe Indian Market celebrated its 90th birthday in 2011. Over at the Tahoma Blog, I wrote about Geronima Cruz Montoya, an artist who was six years old when the Market started, grew up to be an artist and teacher, and still paints and  exhibits at Indian Market.  The Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest and most prestigious showing of American Indian art held anywhere in the world.  It is a great place to get an introduction to the many different cultures and styles of art that we have across this continent. Continue reading 7 Tips for Travel to Santa Fe Indian Market