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Travel Photo Thursday: Italian Castles

When I recently reviewed two books that take place in Italy, A Small Place in Italy and The Midwife of Venice, my search for Italian photos brought these extras to mind. ┬áCastle building was a big business in Renaissance Italy, and one architect, Francisco de Georgio Martini, was the designer for many of the fortress castles topping hills in the Le Marche region, and many were built by the Montefeltro family. Few actually saw war, so they served the same purpose that the building of a mansion or purchase of a yacht serve nowadays–to burnish the reputation of the owners.

View from San Leo Castle
View from San Leo Castle

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Michelangelo Faces Death

The Last Judgment

Destination: Rome, Italy

Book: The Last Judgment: Michelangelo and the Death of the Renaissance by James A. Connor (NEW Paperback Edition August, 2010 from Palgrave MacMillan)

Like Michelangelo and The Pope’s Ceiling by Ross King, this book concentrates on one major work of the maestro. Unlike King’s book, The Last Judgment by James A. (Jim) Connor delves more deeply into the religious philosophy of Michelangelo and his time than into the personal life of the painter. Continue reading Michelangelo Faces Death