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Canada Monday: Canada by Richard Ford Visits Saskatchewan

We’ll be devoting occasional Mondays to Canada literature. That’s not always Canadian literature–written by a Canadian–eg. this first book, but every one will have a strong sense of place and culture that should enhance your travel experience. Unfortunately for us, of the most well-known Canadian authors, many do not write about Canada, so they don’t really fit into A Traveler’s Library.


Canada by Richard Ford Destination: Montana, U.S. and Saskatchewan, Canada

Book: Canada (hard back 2012, paperback 2913) by Richard Ford

Saskatchewan wheat field
Saskatchewan wheat field

What a dynamite first line launches the novel, Canada:

First, I’ll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then about the murders, which happened later. Continue reading Canada Monday: Canada by Richard Ford Visits Saskatchewan

Canadian Literature: 5 Down, 5 Provinces to Go

Canada landscape
Canada landscape. Photo by Michael Dr Gumtau from Flickr, creative commons.

A reader asked for a recommendation for books regarding the Canadian Rockies and Western Canada, and I was stumped.  Reviewing what we have on Canadian literature at A Traveler’s Library, I found the list was pretty skimpy, so have made a resolution to cover Canadian literature in the next few months. I’m seeking out really good books that will add some value to travel, and I’m starting with two for that Western region and one general interest.

Green Grass, Running Water (1993) by Thomas King, Cherokee writer . This one is set in Alberta, Canada.

Canada (2012) by Richard Ford . Set in Saskatchawan.

The Last Spike: The Great Railway 1881-1885 (2010) by Pierre Berton, about the building of the cross-Canada railroad. I’m looking forward to reading this when it arrives from my inter-library loan request.  Berton is an acclaimed Canadian writer and railroads are a perfect subject for travelers. I’ve always wanted to ride across Canada on the railroad.

I put out a request through social media for suggestions and got ideas from Lisa,  who talks about all things family travel including books at  Gone with the Family. She suggested Green Grass and The Last Spike and the following Canadian Literature: Continue reading Canadian Literature: 5 Down, 5 Provinces to Go

Prize Winning Novel: New Jersey Plus Road Trip

Great American Road Trip

Happy July 4th
July 4th/Independence Day

Destination: New Jersey, (plus a little of Connecticut and Cooperstown, New York.)

Book: Independence Day (1995) by Richard Ford. This Book won PULITZER Prize for Literature AND Pen-Faulkner Fiction Prize.

Let’s hope that Richard Ford is not reading this.  Continue reading Prize Winning Novel: New Jersey Plus Road Trip