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Shakespeare and Tarts in Stratford Canada



Destination: Stratford Canada


Festival Theater, Stratford Canada.
Festival Theater, Stratford Canada. Photo by Robert Taylor


By Jessica Voigts

River Avon in Stratford Canada
River Avon in Stratford Canada, Photo by Spicules

Stratford is home to Shakespeare – Canadian style, that is.

Located along the Avon River, Stratford, Canada is home to the Stratford Festival. The Stratford festival (in its 61st year in 2013!) runs from June through October, and brings both classical (including a plethora of Shakespeare) and contemporary plays to theatre-lovers from around the world. People make annual (or monthly) treks to see the plays, iconic theatre buildings, and extraordinary actors – and experience the jolliness and beauty of Stratford.

But the town is more than its famous theatre festival… Ah, Stratford, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Continue reading Shakespeare and Tarts in Stratford Canada