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A Robert Burns Halloween

Culture Travel Tuesday

Robert Burns Book
Robert Burns, Photograph by Jessie Voigts

Destination: Scotland

Poetry: by Robert Burns and a Scottish Story-Telling Festival

By Jessie Voigts

Hallowe’en has a long history, marking the end of the year of the ancient Celtic calendar. In these beliefs, this night was a special time, when witches of all sorts walked and played freely. Later, Christianity wrapped it in All Hallow’s Eve (or All Saints). Either way, Halloween is a celebration of harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead. While many of us carve jack o’lanterns, bob for apples, and go trick or treating, you might consider including storytelling in your Halloween activities. Continue reading A Robert Burns Halloween

Music Monday

Music Monday

by Kerry Dexter

Destination: Scotland

CD Acquaintance Music: Acquaintance, by Jim Malcolm (Beltane Records)

There’s a statue of him in Canberra and a town named after him in Oregon, his words have inspired writers in India and musicians in Russia, and every year at the end of January, people across the world gather to remember the birth and life of this poet. More than two centuries after his time, his work is widely known by those who love poetry and Scotland, and those who don’t know a thing about either. This is Scotland’s national bard, poet and songwriter Robert Burns. Continue reading Music Monday

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