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Route 66 for Everyone: Exploring Arizona’s Mother Road

You know how I love road trips–reading about them–riding on them–watching them in movies and TV. So when I heard that Candy Harrington, recognized expert on accessible travel, had published a book about accessible road trips, I asked if she would write an article for A Traveler’s Library. While Candy includes plenty of information for people with mobility challenges, anybody can be inspired by these exciting travels.

Destination: Route 66 in Western Arizona

Book22 Accessible Road Trips; Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers (June 2012) by Candy Harrington

Article by Candy B. Harrington, author of the book

Road trips are a great option for people with mobility issues, as you can bypass long airport lines and you never have to worry about a lost or damaged wheelchair. And there’s just no better way to get the feel for a road trip than to explore part of historic Route 66 – America’s first interstate highway. Continue reading Route 66 for Everyone: Exploring Arizona’s Mother Road

The Mother Road: Route 66 on DVD

Destination: United States

DVD set: Route 66: The Complete Series 24-DVD (NEW  May 22, 2012)

Here’s your background music for this article: Nelson Riddle’s theme song for Route 66.

Just in time for your summer road trip planning–here’s a DVD set that inspires a trip across America.  The whopper set of the 1960-1964 TV show, Route 66: The Complete Series, contains all four years of the show–24 discs–116 episodes–100 hours of viewing. Now you know that we love road trips around here–having spent more than a year of Wednesdays visiting every state in the U. S. Continue reading The Mother Road: Route 66 on DVD

Rushed Road Trip, Part II

Continuation of Rushed Road Trip,  about a quick trip from Arizona to California. Good friend Susan Lanier Graham writes about WOW moments at Wander with Wonder. Here’s what made us go WOW! on this short road trip. Just keep your eyes open, and you will find it too. (A puzzle, a view, a movie star, food, and a prize for one of my readers.) Continue reading Rushed Road Trip, Part II