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Chartres Cathedral Destination and Main Character

Book Cover: Chartres Cathedral
Destination: Chartres Cathedral and other locations in France

Book: The Cleaner of Chartres (Pub in U.K. 2012, NEW in U.S.July 2013) by Salley Vickers

Let me say right away that if you are planning to visit Chartres, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  The Cleaner of Chartres: A Novel would be an invaluable background book to read.  I was fascinated with learning the history of Chartres cathedral, the symbolism of its stained glass windows and statuary, its crypt with no burials, and to know about the ancient labyrinth. I”m sure that I’ll remember the details of Chartres much more clearly than had I read about it in a dry guidebook. Continue reading Chartres Cathedral Destination and Main Character