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The Best Books About Spain

SPAIN WEEK at A Traveler’s Library

Since this is Spain Week at A Traveler’s Library, I thought I’d review some of the best books we have talked about at A Traveler’s Library for the traveler to Spain, in case you missed them the first time around. Continue reading The Best Books About Spain

How to Live in Seville


(Note: If you came here looking for Travel Photo Thursday, go here for pictures of the Alhambra.)

The Alcazar, Seville Spain
The Alcazar, Seville Spain

Destination: Seville, Spain

Book: Dancing in the Fountain, How to Enjoy Living Abroad (NEW August 2012) by Karen McCann

Note: I read this book in e-format. It is also available as a paperback.

Seville is dangerous. And I don’t mean in the way portrayed by Robert Wilson in his wonderful mysteries, because when it comes to crime, Seville is pretty tame. No, Seville is dangerous because if you visit there, you may not want to go home again.

This book reminded me of how much I loved Seville. Karen McCann and her husband Rich came from a home in Ohio. They traveled to many parts of the globe.  And when they got to Seville, it drew them back again and again until they finally settled in.  I could totally do that. Especially with the help of Dancing In The Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad, the book that Karen wrote about the things they learned in the process of becoming expats. Continue reading How to Live in Seville

SPAIN WEEK: Hidden Assassins

Spain Week

Three books–set in Seville, in Barcelona and in a small fishing village are our ticket for travel to Spain this week. Here’s the first. Come back Wednesday and Friday for the next two.

Seville Plaza de Espana
Seville Plaza de Espana

Destination: Seville

Book: The Hidden Assassins, by Robert Wilson (2006)

I’m back with one of my favorite detective novelists, Robert Wilson, re-visiting the gorgeous city of Seville Spain with the third of four Javier Falcón novels, The Hidden Assassins. I wrote about the first Javier Falcón book, The Blind Man of Seville , which took place in two different time periods. Like that first Falcón novel, The Hidden Assassins reflects both the joyous life of Seville and the darker side. Unlike Wilson’s other novels, this one takes place entirely in a present time (2006) and deals solely with a very contemporary subject–terrorism. An Amazon reviewer aptly said, “This is a 9-11 novel without 9-11.” Continue reading SPAIN WEEK: Hidden Assassins