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Time Traveler Visits Paris’ Literary World

A shop for writers
A shop for writers, Paris

Destination: Paris (1937)

Book: Chasing Sylvia Beach (NEW June 2012) by Cynthia Morris

Hasn’t every lover of books and lover of Paris said, “What I would give to spend time in Paris during the pre-World War II days when all those famous writers gathered at Shakespeare and Company bookshop?” Continue reading Time Traveler Visits Paris’ Literary World

Joyeux Bastille Day

Carousel at Tuilieries
Carousel at Tuilieries

Double Celebration today. This post on a Paris book and an Announcement. TA-DA! I am launching a photo e-book  on Barnes and Noble for your Nook.  I have expanded and converted my blog post called Ten Places to Eat Cheap(er) in Paris into an e-book. Check it out. (And if you read it, how about giving a review and rating?) Thanks.

Destination: Paris

Book: Paris Was Ours: Thirty-two Writers Reflect on the City of Light,  Edited by Penelope Rowlands. (NEW February, 2011) Continue reading Joyeux Bastille Day