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Should Edgar Awards Have a Travel Category?

On April 29,  Edgar awards for best mysteries published in 2009 will be announced.   I am delighted that the publicist sent me four books of the six nominated in the mystery novel category to look over. Continue reading Should Edgar Awards Have a Travel Category?

Sharing Some Good Travel Writing

What Books Do We Read?

Time to ask that basic question again–what kind of books contribute the most to the traveler’s experience? This thoughtful review of a book of Travel Literature from South Africa finds a slight twist on our assumption that the best connection with place can be made through fiction. Perceptive Travel, the web magazine where the article appears provides consistently interesting articles on travel.

Medieval Guide Book

If you happen to be dropping in to Cardiff Wales between now and January 2010, you can see a travel book written in the 12th century. Continue reading Sharing Some Good Travel Writing

Book Introduces South Africa

South Africa Barbershop
South Africa Barbershop

Destination: South Africa

Book: Khayelitsha – uMlungu in a Township by Steven Otter

A Guest post by David Lee, Go Backpacking

(While the book David recommends is definitely not a travel book, it will add deeper understanding to your travels in South Africa as Steve Otter experiences the township life as few tourists ever will.) Continue reading Book Introduces South Africa