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Revisiting a Book About Yemen

A Book for the Arab World in Troubled Times

I wrote this review of The Woman Who Fell From the Sky, one of my favorite books of the year, in June, 2010. Even though Yemen does not make my list of desirable travel destinations, Since Yemen was one of the first countries to experience rebellion during the current unrest rolling across the Arab world, I wanted to revisit it. You will learn to know Yemen, and perhaps understand a bit better what is going on there at the present time as hundreds of thousands of people demand the president step down. Continue reading Revisiting a Book About Yemen

Author Interview: Journalism,Scandal and Books About Yemen

Destination: Yemen

Interview with  Jennifer Steil

One week from now, the movie Eat Pray Love will (perhaps) be the hot new movie of the summer. The book by Elizabeth Gilbert was enormously successful, and I will be talking about three OTHER women travel writers during this week of hoopla. Sorry, this first interview runs a bit long, but I hope you’ll find it worth the time.

News for you

After I reviewed The Woman Who Fell From the Sky by Jennifer Steil, I talked to the author. Ironically, the woman who went to Yemen to teach good journalism practices, discovered even worse journalism in England.  You may want to go back and read the review(click on the title above) to put this conversation  in context.

A Traveler’s Library: You obviously are a person with some strong opinions–how did you manage to be so objective in describing the practices in Yemen, particularly when it came to the treatment of women? Continue reading Author Interview: Journalism,Scandal and Books About Yemen

NYT Likes Yemen Book, Too

The Woman Who Fell From the Sky by Jennifer Steil won a favorable review in the New York Times Sunday edition. Most authors would kill for ANY review, and to have a favorable one appear on Sunday is true icing on the cake.  Congratulations, Jennifer.

Look for an interview I did with Jennifer Steil that will appear on August 9.