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Interview: Mike Gerrard, Part Two

Destination: Everywhere

Book: Snakes Alive by Mike Gerrard (NEW 2011)

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama, Photo by Donna Dailey

Yesterday we talked with travel writer Mike Gerrard, author of the new book of travel essays, Snakes Alive, ¬†about his writing and his favorite countries. Here’s some more of the conversation with travel writer Mike Gerrard.

ATL: Where do you want to go that you have never been to?

MG: Cuba is top of the list. I’d love to spend some time traveling in Australia too. Continue reading Interview: Mike Gerrard, Part Two

Steinbeck Said It

You can own this T-Shirt

But it could be OUR motto!

Giveaway Contest [NOTE: This contest is long Gone.]

The picture shows Just SOME of the books recently reviewed here with the John Steinbeck t-shirt I’m giving away to the person who gives me the best reason they should have it. Comment on any post, one comment per post counts but as many posts as you like–through Friday midnight (MST).
Now please read the Great American Road Trip stop in Arkansas for a Great American Book….

(And even if you’ve already read about Arkansas, I invite you to go back and HEAR the song, Farther Along.)

Rushed Road Trip, Part II

Continuation of Rushed Road Trip,¬† about a quick trip from Arizona to California. Good friend Susan Lanier Graham writes about WOW moments at Wander with Wonder. Here’s what made us go WOW! on this short road trip. Just keep your eyes open, and you will find it too. (A puzzle, a view, a movie star, food, and a prize for one of my readers.) Continue reading Rushed Road Trip, Part II