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Poetry for Travel

Robert Louis Stevenson by Girolamo Nerli (1892) from Wikipedia
Robert Louis Stevenson by Girolamo Nerli (1892) from Wikipedia

Destination: Tahiti

Poetry: To an Island Princess by  Robert Louis Stevenson

May is Poetry Month, so I went in search of some travel poetry.

I always read one of my childhood favorites, Robert Louis Stevenson’ In the Land of the Counterpane, when I was sick. His picture of a sick child playing on the bedcovers, reflected his own sickly childhood, and for many years he was mainly known as a children’s writer, but people rediscovered and now admire his work.

He wrote a tome entitled Songs of Travel, in some cases with notes about whose music they should be set to. The author of Treasure Island, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, and many other books, essays and poems, wandered far from his native Scotland. He traveled restlessly all his life, including  to the South Pacific, and below is one of his South Seas poems. You can download the whole, which is filled with late 19th century romanticism, at Project Gutenberg or find it set to music at other places on the web. Continue reading Poetry for Travel