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Thriller’s Hero Wants Peaceful Life in Barcelona

Destination: Barcelona

Book: Lying Crying Dying (2002) By Dominic Martell. (Newly published in e-book format, 2012.)

Although LYING CRYING DYING has been in print a few years, the three-book series that it launched has just gone mod with new e-book editions. Dominic Martell deserves to be better known than he is as a spy/thriller writer, and I’m amazed that this book never made it as a movie script. Packed with action, and set in a fascinating city, it just seems to be made for the big screen. (Martel may be better known by his pen name Sam Reaves, under which he wrote a much longer series of crime stories set in Chicago.) Continue reading Thriller’s Hero Wants Peaceful Life in Barcelona

SPAIN WEEK: Hidden Assassins

Spain Week

Three books–set in Seville, in Barcelona and in a small fishing village are our ticket for travel to Spain this week. Here’s the first. Come back Wednesday and Friday for the next two.

Seville Plaza de Espana
Seville Plaza de Espana

Destination: Seville

Book: The Hidden Assassins, by Robert Wilson (2006)

I’m back with one of my favorite detective novelists, Robert Wilson, re-visiting the gorgeous city of Seville Spain with the third of four Javier Falcón novels, The Hidden Assassins. I wrote about the first Javier Falcón book, The Blind Man of Seville , which took place in two different time periods. Like that first Falcón novel, The Hidden Assassins reflects both the joyous life of Seville and the darker side. Unlike Wilson’s other novels, this one takes place entirely in a present time (2006) and deals solely with a very contemporary subject–terrorism. An Amazon reviewer aptly said, “This is a 9-11 novel without 9-11.” Continue reading SPAIN WEEK: Hidden Assassins