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Staying Home

The Bird Sisters by Rebecca RasmussenDestination: Wisconsin

Book: [amazon_link id=”0307717968″ target=”_blank” ]The Bird Sisters [/amazon_link]by Rebecca Rasmussen (NEW, April, 2011)

…Twiss knew she’d stay with her sister in Wisconsin despite wanting to see Machu Picchu and the Continental Divide. She’d grow up with Milly and grow old with her, and then one day, if time had any kindness, she’d die with her.  Leaving Milly alone would’ve been like leaving an injured bird in the middle of the road.

In The Bird Sisters, Rebecca Rasmussen paints Wisconsin farmland and small town U.S.A.–a backdrop that both feeds and limits these two sisters’ lives.  The story is as small and fragile as the birds that people used to bring to the sisters to fix.  We learn the story of their lives bit by bit as they ponder the secrets, the love, the deceits that shaped their lives. Continue reading Staying Home